CrossFit Fitness Locations Resources

crossfit fitness locationsIf you need to find CrossFit fitness locations near you, the tools on this page will be a big help. There are a variety of resources to find CrossFit fitness locations, and they each have their benefits and drawbacks. You can use the official CrossFit Affiliate Map if you need an interactive, though rather clunky overview of all CrossFit fitness locations worldwide. There is also the Myathleticlife CrossFit Locator although this a fairly lightweight, and somewhat innacurate tool. It is missing quite a few CrossFit fitness locations and seems to be a rather amateurish effort.

We’ve put together a simple google map with all the Crossfit Locations in the United States. This will be an accurate and easy to use reference for anyone looking for CrossFit fitness locations.

How do you Choose from all the CrossFit Fitness Locations?

Picking which CrossFit to go to can be tough, after all not all CrossFit gyms are created equal. All CrossFit affiliates offer a different experience based primarily on how the owner or managing trainers view CrossFit training and the CrossFit experience. Some affiliates focus on offering lots of amenities that cater to their clients. These are things like smoothie bars, ice baths, top of the line equipment, and snazzy decor. While it’s nice to train at locations like this, they are usually a lot more expensive and sometimes less hardcore than other locations.

Some affiliates focus more on a spartan atmosphere, going back to the roots of CrossFit as a brutally tough, but effective way to get fit, and that’s it. Leave your ego and your expectations at the door and get ready to work, that’s the attitude of these CrossFit locations. There are benefits to this type of place, but it’s also not for everyone. Some people need air conditioning as they toil through a cupcake workout programmed specifically for them.

Ultimately, you should focus on the credentials of the coaches. That is the most important thing to determining the success of the program and minimizing your risk of injury due to poor programming. Check a coach’s credentials before ever listening to their advice. If their credentials aren’t impressive, look elsewhere for a more experienced and knowledgeable coach.

So, visit many different locations and see which you like best. Once you find the combination of an environment that feels right, and a coach that will truly offer you helpful and truthful advice, you’ll know you’ve found a Crossfit affiliate worth the price of admission.