Crossfit steroids suspensions

CrossFit Steroids Violations – Games Competitors Suspended for Drug Violations

 CrossFit Steroids Users Caught and Suspended

The CrossFit Games uses a fairly lightweight, irregular drug-testing program. CrossFit steroids testing has been questioned for it’s efficacy during recent months. Athletes are subject to be tested out of competition although that rarely happens due to the number of competitors and the cost of doing so. All athletes are tested at key competition events. No individual athlete can advance to the CrossFit Games in Carson, California, without being tested at least once, although certain team athletes may make it through the testing process without being tested.

This year there were three positive tests from regional competition testing  that have generated suspensions, as well as one suspension for failing to participate in drug testing.

Steve Pinkerton and Elia Navarro Garcia possess each accepted two-year sanctions after failing drug tests at this year’s regional competitions.

Pinkerton provided a urine sample in the Atlantic Regional on May teen, 2015, that tested positive for that anti-estrogens Anastrozole and Letrozole, as well as 19-norandrosterone, a metabolite of anabolic steroid Nandrolone. Anti-estrogens along with anabolic agents are banned chemical classes under CrossFit Steroids and Drug Tests Policy. Anabolic agents are banned even if these substances are prescribed by a physician as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy. Pinkerton declined to appeal the ruling and will be prohibited from competing in any CrossFit-sanctioned competition before the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Open up.

Navarro-Garcia provided a urine sample in the Meridian Regional on May 31, 2015 that tested positive regarding Oxandrolone, an anabolic agent. Navarro-Garcia declined to appeal the ruling and will be prohibited from competing in any CrossFit sanctioned competition before the 2018 Open.

So far in 2015, out-of-competition drug testing has generated the sanctioning of two extra athletes, Ryan Fischer (Southern California) along with Richard Bohlken (South Central). Fischer was suspended for example year when he provided inaccurate information regarding his whereabouts, failed to directly with collection agents from Drug Free Sport, and did not report for his away from season test. Bohlken received a new one-year suspension for testing positive for Ostarine, an anabolic agent in class knows as Selective Anabolic Receptor Modulators. While Not CrossFit Steroids, these SARMS are nonetheless  powerful PEDs.

Inside 2014, two athletes, Taylar Stallings along with Abigail Guerrero failed drug testing at their regionals and have been sanctioned. Stallings provided a sample in the South East Regional that screened positive for B-methylphenethylamine, a stimulant which was an ingredient in an over-the-counter dietary supplement, and received a one-year suspension. Guerrero provided a sample at the Canada East Regional that tested positive for metabolites connected with Methandienone (Dianabol), an anabolic broker and received a two-year suspension.

Let’s hope the CrossFit Steroids users continue to be caught red-handed and suspended in due course.

Source: Sanctions Handed Out For Drug Policy Violations | CrossFit Games