2015 CrossFit Games Betting Odds. Who is going to win?

crossfit games betting oddsTurns out the 2015 CrossFit Games are attracting quite a bit of action from sports bettors around the world. This is a big sign of the increasing popularity of the sport. It’s a great sport to bet on because you can wager on the overall competition, or individual events, putting your knowledge of this year’s athletes to the test. There are also many small “Fantasy” style competitions being held this year in a variety of formats. One format draws heavily on Nascar fantasy racing rules, allowing for each player to draft one athlete into their pool in a random draft order. Once each player fills out their team, they are then awarded points based on events and overall finishes.

Odds for individual mens and womens competition are below.

Men’s Individual

Athlete NameOdds
Matthew Fraser2-1
Noah Ohlsen6-1
Ben Smith11-1
Scott Panchik15-1
Dan Bailey15-1
Jacob Heppner25-1
Nick Urankar40-1
Aaron Hanna50-1
Jonne Koski50-1

Women’s Individual

Athlete NameOdds
Camille LeBlanc Bazinet4-1
Kara Webb5-1
Emily Bridgers10-1
Kristen Holte12-1
Annie Thorisdottir12-1
Michelle Letendre20-1
Samantha Briggs20-1
Anna Tunnicliffe50-1
Katrin Davidsdottir70-1

*Betting lines provided by Vegasbettinglines.com.

What do you think? Who has the best chance to score us a payday on our 2015 CrossFit Games Bet?

  • Alex Bonesteel

    I’m thinking Dan Bailey might actually be a good bet this year.